In furthering the sport of figure skating, it is the mission of the St. Clair Shores Figure Skating Club to provide the necessary training programs and facilities that will encourage skaters to achieve their personal goals.

To encourage participation and give guidance in the sport of figure skating and to define and maintain uniform standards of skating proficiency for the betterment of the SCSFSC programs.

To set rules and guidelines for holding club tests, competitions and exhibitions, in accordance with the USFSA.

To support all the activities of the Club, and to educate and inform the membership and skaters regarding figure skating, with the emphasis upon its pleasures, healthful aspects, and its value as an activity which contributes to the development of fitness, self discipline and character.

To provide a safe environment and maintain the highest levels of figure skating activities, with the qualified instructors required for skaters to advance to, and achieve the highest levels set forth by the USFSA, and to encourage those skaters who have demonstrated an ongoing interest in figure skating.

To continue to encourage participation, and to assist financially or otherwise, in accordance with the rules of the SCSFSC and the USFSA, and to carry out the general policies of the USFSA.